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Audit Excel Spreadsheets to Find all Formula Errors and Manage Risk


Fact: over 91% of spreadsheets contain Errors.† 

     Fact: nearly 100% contain significant structural Risk. 

          Feeling Helpless? Now You Can Do Something About It. 

 What are these Spreadsheet Errors & Risks Costing… 
• Your Company?  
• Your Customers’ Satisfaction? 
• Your Employees’ Success?
• Your Reputation?
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Just a single Spreadsheet Error can Result in:
• An Unprofitable Investment Decision 
• An Under-Priced Product 
• An Inaccurate, Impossible-to-Meet Forecast 
• A Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Violation 
• Punitive Regulatory Audits and Fines 
• Undetected Cost Abnormalities/Inefficiencies 
• An Embarrassing Financial Re-statement or Audit 
• Customer/Vendor Non-Compliance Penalties

The solution is simple…The Audinator™ spreadsheet auditing software 

Automatic and Comprehensive Spreadsheet Auditing Software Tool 
At the single click of a button The Audinator software will automatically audit a selected Excel spreadsheet using proprietary algorithms to perform a complete battery of sophisticated audit tests on every single formula and every single aspect of potential risk. 

Complete Logging and Grading of all Spreadsheet Errors & Risks 
After the spreadsheet audit is complete the spreadsheet is letter graded by the software as to both Error presence and Risk. Spreadsheet Errors & Risks are summarized by category and quantity of instances, and every single error and risk is displayed in a navigable Error Log with full description and hyperlinked error location. 

Fast & Easy Spreadsheet Error Resolution and Risk Elimination 
Through proprietary corrective tools and seamless navigation from Error Log to error location, correcting errors and permanently eliminating spreadsheet risk is a snap. 

Integrated Whitelist Development for Continuous Audit 
If you deem an identified spreadsheet error or risk not to be a true error or of an acceptable risk, you can easily override the spreadsheet error and add it to a whitelist audit file so that when the spreadsheet audit is re-run it will not be logged. Perfect for periodic monthly/quarterly/annually scheduled spreadsheet re-audits (continuous auditing) so that you’re always building off of prior audit reviews rather than re-doing the spreadsheet audit each time from square one!


Say Good-bye to Spreadsheet Errors & Risks...

          ...and say hello to The Audinator™




† source: research studies by PricewaterhouseCoopers (91% error rate); KPMG (91% error rate); Dartmouth College - Powell, Baker & Lawson (94% error rate)



To learn more about best practices in eliminating spreadsheet risk, read one of the many articles published in Internal Auditor Magazine (IIA) and elsewhere by our founder and CEO, Richard Blaustein.  Mr. Blaustein is an internationally recognized authority in the area of preventing spreadsheet errors & risks, and has lectured and written extensively on the subject.

The Audinator is a proud partner of SmartChoice(TM) Food Pantry Solutions, serving non-profit food pantries and food banks around the globe.

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