Audit Excel Spreadsheets to Find all Formula Errors and Manage Risk

Fact: over 91% of spreadsheets contain Errors.† 

     Fact: nearly 100% contain significant structural Risk.

          Feeling Helpless? Now You Can Do Something About It. 

 What are these Spreadsheet Errors & Risks Costing…
• Your Company? 
Your Customers’ Satisfaction?
Your Employees’ Success?
• Your Reputation?
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Just a single Spreadsheet Error can Result in:
• An Unprofitable Investment Decision
• An Under-Priced Product
• An Inaccurate, Impossible-to-Meet Forecast
• A Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Violation
• Punitive Regulatory Audits and Fines
• Undetected Cost Abnormalities/Inefficiencies
• An Embarrassing Financial Re-statement or Audit
• Customer/Vendor Non-Compliance Penalties

The solution is simple…The Audinator™ spreadsheet auditing software

Automatic and Comprehensive Spreadsheet Auditing Software Tool
At the single click of a button The Audinator software will automatically audit a selected Excel spreadsheet using proprietary algorithms to perform a complete battery of sophisticated audit tests on every single formula and every single aspect of potential risk.

Complete Logging and Grading of all Spreadsheet Errors & Risks
After the spreadsheet audit is complete the spreadsheet is letter graded by the software as to both Error presence and Risk. Spreadsheet Errors & Risks are summarized by category and quantity of instances, and every single error and risk is displayed in a navigable Error Log with full description and hyperlinked error location.

Fast & Easy Spreadsheet Error Resolution and Risk Elimination
Through proprietary corrective tools and seamless navigation from Error Log to error location, correcting errors and permanently eliminating spreadsheet risk is a snap.

Integrated Whitelist Development for Continuous Audit
If you deem an identified spreadsheet error or risk not to be a true error or of an acceptable risk, you can easily override the spreadsheet error and add it to a whitelist audit file so that when the spreadsheet audit is re-run it will not be logged. Perfect for periodic monthly/quarterly/annually scheduled spreadsheet re-audits (continuous auditing) so that you’re always building off of prior audit reviews rather than re-doing the spreadsheet audit each time from square one!

Say Good-bye to Spreadsheet Errors & Risks...

          ...and say hello to The Audinator™




source: research studies by PricewaterhouseCoopers (91% error rate); KPMG (91% error rate); Dartmouth College - Powell, Baker & Lawson (94% error rate)

The Audinator spreadsheet risk auditing software tool is owned and licensed by Analytic Solutions, Inc.