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"The Audinator™ has proven to be one of the most valuable software tools I have ever invested in at Honeywell. It has saved us time and time again by catching deeply-hidden errors that we had no idea existed in some of our most vital spreadsheet models.  My entire team now uses The Audinator™ to self-audit every spreadsheet model and report we have, and we re-audit each one on a quarterly, and sometimes more frequent basis - all with the ease & speed of clicking a couple of buttons."

spreadsheet audit software testimonial

    Greg B.
    VP, Financial Planning & Analysis
    Honeywell International


"Anyone who has made decisions based on complex analytical models will understand the value of this tool. Errors happen, and one error can flow throughout the entire model and impact your results. The Audinator™ has been a great investment, especially when compared to the alternative of making a decision based on bad information."

client review on highly-rated spreadsheet auditing program

   Paul D.
   Commercial Director
   RCP Corp, Zacapa & Botran Rums

"Like everyone we utilize and depend upon many different spreadsheets in the day to day operation of the sales & product support functions of our business.  We cannot afford to have mistakes buried in these key business tools. A single spreadsheet error can mean lost sales opportunities or a dissatisfied customer. The Audinator™ eliminates that risk. We rely heavily on its powerful automated auditing capabilities to ensure we maintain the high standard of quality that represents the Wacker Neuson brand."

highest rated spreadsheet audit software customer review

John S.
Sales & Customer Support

Wacker Neuson Corporation


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